Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Out of the ashes..

Hades, oh, Hades
What hast thou done?
Thou hast taken my fair maiden
Thou hast left me with nothing
But a wound to forever nurse
Hast thou come to bestow grief upon me?
Hast mine enemies laughed at me already?

Thou wicked foe
Thou art cursed, thou devil of pain and grief
Until when wilt thou snatch coldly the love of our lives?
Until when wilt thou wound our hearts
With thy double-edged sword?
Until when wilt thou make orphans of children?
And chase the Knight of Joy into darkness?

At dawn, the cries of pain and agony awake me
To a world shrouded with loneliness do I awaken
The morning dew has ceased
For thou hast taken hold of everything beautiful
And thou hast made it ugly

Oh, devil’s friend
Thy time has come to an end
To you we’ll no longer bend
For the Knight of Joy will send
Joy to heal and mend our hearts
Never will you rend
Our hearts or tear the bonds we share
With the ones for whom we care

Run, foe, run
For thy life is no longer safe
Arising is the sun
Run into the dark cave
Hide if thou can
For a way will be paved
By Joy and by man
And thou wilt be shamed
Peace, thou wilt find none
For thou art truly shamed


Sunday, April 22, 2012

We’re in a world...

Where music talks about nothing but sex and money,
Where we want badly to be accepted, to feel like somebody,
Where love is nothing but a night of pleasure,
Where work is your life, and your life is your treasure,
Where people are judged by their clothes and cars,

Where smiles cover up indelible scars,
Where people are fake, yet emotions run wild,
Where we can’t even protect the life of an unborn child,
Where we take from, but don’t think to give back,
Where we want everything except to know lack,

Where technology advances every second of everyday,
Where everyone wants their very own way,
Where what you toil to build can be broken in but a minute,
Where we witness poverty, but pretend we haven’t seen it,
Where fashion means you’re scantily clad,

Where cities hide behind glittering facades,
Where “I” and “me” are the words used most often,
Where it costs just as much for a house as for a coffin,
Where fear has a foothold, a grip we can’t lose,
Where we take our lives with pills , drown ourselves in pools,

Where people know what’s wrong, but are too scared to admit it,
Where we hide behind hypocrisy, professing change but never living it,
Where the church is in a corner, too afraid to reach out,
Where the people in the world don’t seem to know what they’re about,
Where we spend our lives sitting, doing nothing but resenting,

Where people live without purpose, sentiment and reason,
Where people die everyday, from unseen hurts and unheard sorrows,
Where we while our time away, worrying about tomorrow,
Where hearts, once fragile, are played with as with toys,
Where we judge by eloquence, beauty , grace and poise,

Where we know but can’t admit that our future’s pretty dim,
Where darkness wraps around us, and we’re sinking into sin,
Where cartoons teach our children what to say and do,
Where our children can’t even say a prayer in school,
Where God is disregarded, and Jesus always mocked,
Where we say we fight for freedom, but yet still deep down we’re locked,
Where we live but fail to see…

Change begins and only prevails… when I start with me!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Message for You!!

Some years ago my wife arranged for us to ride in a hot-air balloon as a birthday gift. We went to the field where balloons ascended and got into a little basket with another couple. We introduced ourselves and swapped vocational information. Then the pilot began the ascent. The day had just dawned-clear,crisp and cloudless. We could see the entire Canejo Valley,from Craggy canyons to the Pacific ocean. It was scenic, inspiring and majestic. But i also experienced one emotion i had not anticipated. Want to guess? FEAR.

I had always thought those baskets went chest high, but this one only came up to our knees. One good lurch would be enough to throw someone over the side. So I held on with grim determination and white knuckles... About this time I decided I'd like to know the kid who was flying this balloon. I realized that I could psyche myself up into believing everything would be fine, but the truth was we had placed our lives and destinies in the hands of the pilot. Everything depended on his character and competence...

I knew we were in trouble when his response to me began,"Dude, it's like this.." He did not even have a job! He mostly surfed. He said the reason he got started flying hot-air balloons was that he had been driving around in his pick up when he'd had too much to drink, crashed the truck and badly injured his brother. His brother still couldn't get around too well, so watching hot-air balloons gave him something to do... The giant question at a moment like that is "Can I trust the pilot?"

Everyday you and I take another leg of our journey in this giant balloon that's whirling around this vast universe. We'll get only one trip. I long to take it with an enormous spirit of adventure and risk-and I'll bet you do too. But it's a pretty uncertain ride sometimes. I wish the walls of my basket went a little higher. I wish the balloon was a little thicker. I wonder how the ride will end up. I'm not sure how it will handle the way down... My story, like every human story, is, at least in part, the struggle between faith and fear.

**Now, we have a trustworthy pilot. Yes, things will be rough at some point or the other during the ride, but we go through all these to make us stronger and better. So this coming year, don't run from hard times. Do away with fear. Look at them as stepping stones to greatness. Enjoy the ride, you only get one! Happy New Year people!!! Three cheers for the best Pilot in the world!

by:John Ortberg(provided by Lydia)

Monday, February 14, 2011

my hope...

What a way we go in life, full of storms and deep dark strife
When our lives are free and steered not by the blood our savior shed
My heart always cries to be in His hands, totally free
Deep down in my mind the word is not hard to find
But to push my body hard to let it be guided by my Lord
That’s what turns out to be hardest like an impossible quest
But where there is a will you can scale the hill

For I will make streams of living waters to flow in the desert
Don’t give up because I will go before you and level the mountains
Yes when you have no strength of your own to climb over them
For I long to have you by my side for eternity


Sunday, October 17, 2010

..the rescue

I was lost alone in the darkness,
Shadows lurking all around,
Shuddering in the cold of the night,
Just praying i'd be found

It was then that morning broke,
And upon me a new day dawned
There was a little spark of hope
Lord for you my spirit longed

Fed up of being tossed around...
Down that road and across that river..
Lord Jesus please hear my cry
Lead me i pray, to You , Father..

It was You who heard my cry,
It was You who took my hand,
It was You who led me home,
Down into Your promised land..

You're the one who heard my call,
You're the One who set me free,
You're the one who took my hand.
You're the One who rescued me :)


Friday, October 8, 2010

the faith life

2 Corinthians 4:18 While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

To live a victorious life, there are things you ought to give full consideration. Faith is not the denial of facts. Faith is acting on God’s Word in spite of contrary circumstances. For instance you may be feeling sick in your body. It is not faith when you say “I am not sick, I am only weak” like some people say, trying to deny the feelings in their body. It is faith when you declare God’s Word which says “By His stripes I was healed!” you refuse to consider or give attention to the pain rather you fix your eyes on Jesus who is the author and perfecter of our faith. Like I said faith is not a denial of facts, it is the refusal to consider those facts and rather consider that which is eternal and unchanging—the Word.

The circumstances of your life may not measure up to God’s Word you have believed and have been confessing. Don’t get worried at all. Do not stagger at the promise of God through unbelief; be strong in faith by giving glory to God! And like Abraham you would obtain the promise. The circumstances of your life are temporary i.e. they are subject to change! Like someone said, “no condition is permanent”.
The Word of God abides forever and that is the true source of Faith for the believer.
Believe and confess God’s Word in spite of contrary winds and you would be sure glad you did.

Isaiah 40:8 The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the beauty within

I was walking…..
Then I lifted my eyes…..
In the distance……
I saw a beautiful and unique creature
I stood amazed
Who carved this creature
He must have been a good sculpture
Then I remembered
He is the Creator and greatest Sculpture

So I drew closer…..
Ah, such confidence in that look
Such beauty inside and outside;
Uniqueness exuded from this creature
Glory and excellence was not missing either
This Creator must be proud of His handiwork

I said to myself…..
Does she know about it?
Oh! That he would refuse to look down on himself or think he amounts to nothing
Potential is what I see!
Power is what is manifested!
This poem is about YOU!
It’s to tell you that….. You carry so much potential
To tell you that…..You are not like any other person
You have a unique and different testimony. Never belittle yourself

It’s to tell you that…..Your life is a testimony to many
Your very smile makes the saddened heart joyful
Your warm hug melts away every fear and confusion
That pat on the back encourages and motivates
Your quiet presence is all that person needs
Your very words are like a penetrating sword, which sinks into the depths of the soul and spirit
Like a mighty dynamo they carry power and bring about tremendous effect

Love, YOU have all that it takes to change a life
GOD created you for a reason and a purpose
He made you the way you are to fulfill that particular purpose
You are not an accident!
Neither were you brought into the world by chance
The Creator fashioned and intricately made YOU
Believe it or not, He is crazy about YOU
So in love words cannot express
He’s so overjoyed and excited to see you accomplish His purpose for you

Beloved, YOU are the apple of His eye…..
The one He desires to be with….
YOU, yes YOU

Don’t let Him down….Stand up…..Stand tall…..Remember you have potential…..
And make your Creator and Father proud